When it comes to the poultry industry in South Africa, contract growing has become a popular practice amongst farmers. Contract growers are individuals who are contracted by big poultry companies to grow chickens, providing a source of income for both the grower and the company. In this article, we will take a closer look at the world of chicken contract growers in South Africa.

The Benefits of Chicken Contract Growing

For farmers, contract growing offers an opportunity to generate extra income, whilst for companies, it allows them to meet the increasing demand for chicken products. Contract growers are provided with the necessary equipment, feed and chicks, removing the burden of initial investment costs and allowing farmers to focus on growing healthy chickens. Contract growers are typically provided with a standardised set of guidelines related to feed, housing and other elements of the chicken growth process, ensuring a consistent quality product for the end consumer.

South Africa’s Poultry Industry

South Africa’s poultry industry is worth billions, ranking as the second largest producer of poultry on the African continent. With a growing population and an increasing demand for protein, the poultry industry is set to remain a key player in South Africa’s agricultural landscape. As the industry grows, so does the need for contract growers.

Requirements for Chicken Contract Growers

To become a contract grower in South Africa, there are a number of requirements. Firstly, farmers need to have adequate land and housing facilities for raising chickens. This requires the availability of suitable farm infrastructure and equipment, as well as a reliable source of water and electricity. Farmers are also required to comply with health and safety regulations set out by the relevant authorities.

Another important aspect of contract growing is animal welfare. Contract growers are responsible for ensuring the health and welfare of the chickens they raise, and must adhere to strict guidelines related to the use of antibiotics and other medication. Maintaining the highest standards of animal welfare is key to the success of any contract grower.


Chicken contract growers in South Africa are a vital part of the poultry industry, providing a source of income for farmers whilst also meeting the growing demand for chicken products. The industry is highly regulated, with strict guidelines relating to animal welfare, health and safety, and environmental standards. With the continued growth of South Africa’s poultry sector, contract growing offers an opportunity for farmers to take advantage of this lucrative market.